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Import Pets to China



Pet sending via excess baggage
Assist on checking import documents
Checking in service at Beijing airport
Pick up and deliver after 7days quarantine
Pet sending via air cargo way
Assist on checking import documents
Customs and Quarantine Clearance
Pick up and deliver after 7days quarantine
Import Documents required by China Customs and Quarantine office
Pet Owner's original Passport
Valid original Vaccination Record
Original Health Certificate with official stamp, only signature by Vet. Will be not
One person can only bring one pet into China.
Pet should arrive China together with Pet Owner or later, but within 14days.
For pet to Beijing and Shanghai, there are 7days mandatory quarantine at official Quarantine Facility.
For pets from EU, pls. do blood test at EU approved Laboratory before
departure and inject rabies vaccination on time yearly.

How We Work

  • Import to China
  • Export from China
  • Questions of Pet Owner need to answer for quotation preparation