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  • Work out timetable according to export and import regulation.
  • Design routing and transportation way according to breed and import regulation. 
  • Provide IATA standard cage/ crate. 
  • Export veterinary inspection according to official quarantine's requirement. 
  • Assist on blood sample taken and sending serum to EU or required Lab.for testing. 
  • Applying Customs Export Permit. 
  • Applying Quarantine Export Permit. 
  • Applying Export Health Certificate. 
  • Applying Import Permit if required. 
  • Destination quarantine space reservation. 
  • Local ground transportation. 
  • Air cargo space reservation. 
  • Air cargo air way bill preparation. 
  • Export Customs Clearance. 
  • Destination official quarantine space reservation. 
  • Import Customs clearance and take pets from the arrival airport to the new home or assigned quarantine facility. 
  • Applying Dog License if its required. 
  • Pet Relocation Insurance Coverage.